How to Play Agario

The Agario game is a so-called "massively multiplayer online game" that was introduced in 2005.

It has been played by millions of people and it still continues to attract new players every day. Agario can be played on many different platforms, such as Android smartphones or the PC/Mac computer. agario offers players two modes: the first one is called "team mode," where you play with other people from all around the world; the second one is called "solo mode," where you are playing against an AI-controlled team with your own set of rules including customized skins and soundtracks!

Agario is also now available on most mobile devices which makes it much more convenient to play Agario when you are on the go.

Agario has a very simple game mechanic, which basically consists of moving around and shooting cells with your own cell in order to eat them! The player who eats more will be able to grow bigger than the opponents, but if someone shoots you or shoots other players near you then your size could shrink again! So it is important that you try not only eating large pieces, but also staying away from bullets until they hit another player so that they don't affect yours' size as well. You can control Agario by using either a keyboard for the PC/Mac version (arrow keys) or just touching where you want Agario to go on an Android device's touchscreen. There are also many other Agario variations;, Agarios and Big Brother Agario are just some of them!

You can play Agario on:

the PC/Mac computer or Android smartphones today by downloading it from either iOS App Store for iPhone users or Google Play Store for all other smartphone owners! It is free to download so make sure you try this game out in order to see if you like it as much as we do.